Eliezer Dinga


Country: Congo
Son of a renowned Congolese painter, the talented Eliezer Dinga grew up in his father’s studio.
After gaining a first experience at the School of Fine Arts of Bas Congo in Brazzaville, he joined the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa in 1986.
Here he devoted himself to sculpture under the guidance of famous Zairian sculptor Mâitre Lyolo.
Dinga understood early on that he had to work hard with a lot of self-sacrifice, if he was to set himself apart from the prevailing and conventional conformism.
During these years of intense research, Dinga’s work underwent many a transformation.
Strongly influenced by the cubist movement in the early 90s, he subsequently devoted himself to surrealism.
Much of his work revolves around reinterpreting archaisms, where he took inspiration from the essence of primitive civilizations when materialism had not yet entered human life.
His work symbolizes existential questions of life, death, love, procreation, the sacred, and the profane.
Brightly colored totems recall voodoo manifestations and rituals of his childhood.
Dinga’s latest work exhibits humorously the elegant ‘Sapeurs du Congo’, characters of modern Congolese society, who represent a true subculture with its own standards and values.